Brian D. Hamman, Ph.D.



Seventeen years of innovation in the drug discovery industry. Extensive knowledge and success in most aspects of drug discovery especially target identification, biochemical and cell-based assay development, high-throughput screening, counter and secondary assays, medicinal chemistry support, biomarkers, and in vivo pharmacology. Exceptionally diverse background with regards to target classes and assay formats. Strong track record of leading multi-disciplinary drug discovery teams in the identification of clinical candidates for a wide range of human diseases. Highly collaborative with excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Professional Experience

9/16-present        Director, Arvinas Inc., New Haven, CT

·         Biophysics and lead discovery.

1/15-present        Board of Directors, Open Genomes Foundation, Inc. (USA)

·         Website: ; 501(c)(3) approved by the IRS (EIN: 46-2725903).

·         Helped create data analysis tools for identifying novel SNPs from next generation DNA sequencing data. Set up methods for uploading, storing, analyzing, and sharing massive amounts of human genome data.

10/14-present      Co-Founder, Board of Directors, Open Genomes e.V. (Germany)

·         Assisted in registration within the European Union (VR 4903, Wiesbaden DE).

03/10-09/14         Associate Director, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, The Woodlands, TX

·         Program Leader for a highly novel drug discovery program resulting in a recent clinical candidate for Neuropathic Pain. Led team including medicinal chemistry, biochemical and cell-based assay support, DMPK, and in vivo pharmacology.

·         Co-leader of two novel drug discovery programs for Immunology (manuscripts published and in preparation). 

·         Managed medicinal chemistry support for six different drug discovery programs.

·         Co-led the Lexicon/BMS Neuroscience alliance for a drug discovery program that won the 2011 BMS DWG Innovation Award.

·         Led assay development and high-throughput screening for six different targets.

·         Authored/Co-authored five publications and co-wrote two patent applications.

3/06-03/10           Senior Scientific Group Leader, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, The Woodlands, TX

·         Led one drug discovery program and co-led several others, resulting in two clinical candidates (one for Immunology, another for Glaucoma). 

·         Led assay development and high-throughput screening for fifteen different targets.

·         Managed medicinal chemistry support for four different drug discovery programs.

·         Co-led Lexicon/BMS alliance in two drug discovery programs for Neuroscience.

·         Co-authored two publications and co-wrote two patent applications.

3/04-3/06            Scientific Group Leader, Lexicon Genetics Inc., The Woodlands, TX

·         Led assay development for ten different novel targets (mostly protein kinases) resulting in two patent applications and one clinical candidate for Oncology.

·         Managed medicinal chemistry assay support for four different drug discovery programs (cancer, immunology, and ophthalmology).

5/00-7/03             Principal Scientist, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., San Diego, CA 

·         Successfully managed seven collaborative assay and/or screen development projects.  Included writing of work plans, experimental design, executing and troubleshooting  experiments, managing scientists and large amounts of screening data, and writing reports and SOPs.  Very broad range of targets and target classes.  Also very broad range of novel biochemical and cell-based assay formats, all were miniaturized to 1536- and 3456-well format.

·         Directed fifteen early stage internal drug discovery projects, including a variety of targets and assays (for neuroscience, anti-infectives, cancer). Responsibilities similar to that described in previous bullet, plus all secondary and counterassays, including basic chemical analyses (e.g., filters, SAR) for hits validation and lead optimization. 

·         First/senior author of one manuscript, a patent application, and several invention disclosures.  Major contributor to many other projects and invention disclosures.

4/98-5/00            Senior Scientist, Aurora Biosciences Corporation, San Diego, CA 

·         Managed and executed several collaborative screening projects (cancer and Alzheimer's; several big pharma companies) involving novel spectroscopic-based assay technologies.  Responsibilities including everything from work plan to executing and troubleshooting experiments, through writing and sign off of report.  Performed the first ever fully-automated UHTS screen using 3,456-well NanoPlates. 

·         Primary author of patent and manuscript regarding general FRET-based methods for assaying all kinases and phosphatases (Z’-Lyte assay technology currently marketed by Life Technologies). Co-author for article on the cover of Drug Discovery Today regarding the first miniaturization of assays into NanoPlates.  Submitted two invention disclosures and one patent application.

·         Principal investigator on a NIH grant regarding novel cell-based assays.


7/94-3/98            Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Medical Biochemistry and   

Genetics, Texas A&M University. Used various fluorescence methods to make several landmark discoveries on protein translocation across the ER membrane published as two separate first-author manuscripts in the premier journal Cell. Also co-authored manuscripts including one regarding pore-forming protein toxins.  Presented discoveries at four different well-regarded conferences and 7 different universities and companies. Received Coherent Laser Group Award.


1/94-6/94             Post-Doctoral Scientist, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Hawaii, Honolulu.  Polished off graduate work and wrote manuscripts.


7/91-12/93           Doctoral Candidate Research Assistantship, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Hawaii, Honolulu. Used novel spectroscopic methods to

characterize protein/protein interactions and dynamics of a ribosomal protein essential for protein biosynthesis. This work ultimately resulted in 4 publications including 2 first-authors in Biochemistry and 1 in JBC.



Institution and Location                   Degree                            Dates                           Field of Study

Western Michigan University                B.S.                9/86-4/89          Biomedical Sciences/Chemistry

University of Hawaii                             Ph. D.             9/89-12/93               Biochemistry/Biophysics

Full-Length Manuscripts Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Hamman B.D.*, Pollok B.A.*, Rodems S., Makings L. “Optical Probes and Assays.” Patent # US 6,410,255 B1 issued on June 25th, 2002 with 31 claims accepted. *Invention of the Z’-Lyte assay technology. 

Contributed majority of biological activity data to chemistry patents involving the following targets:

MST1 kinase:  US Patent number 8,440,652

LIMK2 kinase:  US Patent numbers 8507672, and 8193202

AAK1 kinase:  US Patent Numbers 8969565, 8969564, 8946415, and 20140080834 A1



Hamman, B.D.*, Clark, H., Heim, R., Pollok, B.A., and Lin, Y.-Z.  “MTS in Drug Discovery.”  NIH SBIR grant.  Received $132,000 for one year (01/00-01/01).  *Principal Investigator. 



12/2011           BMS DWG Innovation Award (one of only four awarded annually at BMS)

01/2005           Lexicon Innovation Award (discovered mechanism of action for Oncology clinical candidate)

11/1994           Coherent Laser Group Award (set up new laser and time-resolved fluorescence system)


Organizations and Volunteer Jobs

2008-present   Reviewer for the Journal of Biomolecular Screening (review 3-6 manuscripts per year)

2003-present   Group administrator for 12 projects at Family Tree DNA; this volunteer duty includes website maintenance, extensive data analysis, customer support and recruitment, for over 3000 people.


Professional References

Up to 8 available on request.