Patrilineage for Hammond Participant # 232866


1)     Johannes “John” Haman/Hamann/Hamman/Hammond Sr. , born ~1720s in Germany or Alsace, first found in 1749 at the Zion Lutheran Church in Oldwick, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Based on deeds records, he likely was married to “Eve”. He signs his last name “Haman” in NJ. Based on deeds, he likely moved to Woodsboro, Frederick Co., MD, where he and his family (name mostly spelled “Hamann”) show up in the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church records from late 1760s until around 1780, when they move to Rockingham Co., VA (name spelled Hamann and Hamman). Moves to Wilkes Co., GA, in around 1784. He shows up in Wilkes County tax records (mostly as John Hamman/Hammond Sr.) until1793 when he presumably died.

2)     Johannes “John” Hamann/Hamman/Hammond Jr., born ~1749, in either Germany or New Jersey.  Records of him are found in 1770s of Woodsboro, MD, 1780s Rockingham Co., VA, and 1790s Wilkes Co., GA.  He ("Johan Hamann, son of Johannes") was confirmed at the St. Peter's Lutheran Church on 24 Sep 1769, at the age of 20 yrs old.  Also confirmed that day was an Anthon Hamann, aged 18 yrs old, also a son of Johannes Hamann Sr.; John Hammond Jr. died in ~ January 1821 of Wilkes Co., Alabama, where he left the bulk of his estate to his son Abraham.  John Hammond Jr. married Barbara Ann Aylor/Oehler (1762-1827), most likely in about 1782 or 1783 of Rockingham Co., Virginia.

3)     John Hammonds (“the 3rd”), born ~1789, Wilkes Co., Georgia; died 21-May-1874, Talladega Co., Alabama; he married Hannah Dodson (1799-1862) on 19-Aug-1818 in Jasper Co., Georgia.  They are buried in the Rocky Mountain Cemetery in Clay County.

4)     Thomas G. Hammond, born 21-Jul-1841, Cherokee Co., Alabama; died 14-Jul-1917, Millerville, Clay Co., Alabama. He married Mary Elizabeth Machen on 8-Dec-1858, in Alabama.

5)     William Alonzo “Lon” Hammond, born Jan 1872, Alabama; died 30-May-1960, Goodwater, Clay Co., Alabama; he married Ella J. Hammons (1877-1963) on 25-Sep-1893 in Clay Co., Alabama and her parents were Jerome Hammons and Sarah Bynum.  Jerome Hammons was born 12-Feb-1855, Clay Co., AL and died 2-Sep-1931, in Talladega, AL; according to his death record, Jerome’s parents were George Hammonds and Lavina Goodman, both born in GA, but I’ve discovered no other trace of them in any records; interestingly, Jerome was living with John and Hannah Dodson Hammonds in the 1860 Census!

6)     John Clarence Hammond, b. 21-Nov-1898, Clay Co., Alabama; died 31-Oct-1978, Ashland, Alabama; he married Maudine McMichael (1913-1993) on 17-Oct-1936 in Millerville, Clay Co., Alabama.

7)     Hammond Participant 232866