Patrilineage for Fehlberg Participant #28117 (email Brian Hamman,


* Our family tradition is that our Fehlberg ancestors came with the Swedish army to Pommern during the 30 years War in the 1600s.It is also thought that our Fehlberg surname was originally Vehlberg, Vahlberg, or Wahlberg.


1)     Johann Fehlbergb. 13 Sep 1823, Pommern, Prussia (NE Germany, now NW Poland); d. 28 Aug 1876, Treten, Kreis Rummelsberg,

Pommern.Married Wilhemine Taube (1820-1889).


2)     Friedrich Fehlbergb. 13 May 1853, Bisorse (near Treblin), Pommern, Prussia; d. 28 Nov 1915, Buffalo, Erie Co., New York.††

Immigrated in 1891.Married Henrietta Mattick (1843-1937) in Treten, on November of 1873.


3)†† Emil Fehlbergb. 25 May 1877, Treten, Pommern, Prussia; d. 19 Oct 1868, Detroit, Michigan.Married Augusta Holz.Emil was a

brother of Brian Hammanís Great Grandfather Reverend Reinhold F. Fehlberg.


4)     Chester H. Fehlbergb. 9 Nov 1901, New York; d. 1 Feb 1989, Rochester Hills, Oakland Co., Michigan.


5)†† C. Jack Fehlberg†† b. 1931 (participant #28117)