Patrilineage for Kimball Participant #N23815 (Dr. Kerry Kimball, )


1.)   Ebenezer Kimball b. (Canterbury?) New Hampshire d. Alna, Maine 1825, Married Martha Gray, August 27, 1795, one son, three daughters.


2.)   George Kimball, b.12/9/1795 Alna, Maine, d. 06/20/1840 North Dixmont, Maine, Married Elizabeth (?) b. 1798 from Westport Island, Maine, ten children, six boys, only one with known descendants.


3.)    George W. Kimball, b. 02/10/1838, North Dixmont, Maine, d, 12/27/1877, Jackson, Maine, Married, Harriet Mason from Monroe, Maine, four children, three boys, only one with known descendants.


4.)   George B. Kimball, b. 06/12/1872 Jackson, Maine, d. Jackson, Maine, Married Anstisis Stevens of Jackson, Maine, two children, one boy.


5.)   Eugene H. Kimball b. Jackson, Maine 07/04/1912, d. Oct. 23, 1987 Gorham, Maine, m. Alice A. Lane from Brooks, Maine, three children, one boy


6.)   Kerry E. Kimball (Participant #N23815, )