Patrilineage for Participant #35376 (Arthur “Ted” Nichols,


"The record that we have on Samuel’s marriage to Marie Housereau is a page that is photocopied from the national archives in Montreal from the marriage records of T. Somerville the minister of the Gabriel Street Presbyterian Church.  It is hand written - in English, and contains the signature of the Minister, his wife as a witness, Samuel’s Signature, and an “X” as a mark for Samuel’s wife who was French.  This is the last record that we have in English.  It appears from subsequent records that all but his oldest son were either born or married into the Catholic Faith. 


The date of the marriage was June 17th, 1810.  It states that Samuel was 28 and a Trader.  Marie was 15 and a spinster.  His children (all born in Canada) are: Basil, Samuel, Alexander, John, Wilbur, Eli 1834 – 1901 (my direct line), William, and Adolph.


The whole line would be:


1.  Samuel Nichols c 1782 to Marie Housereau

     2. Eli Nichols b. 1834 to Angeline Primeau

3. Theodore Nichols (Churubusco NY to Marcilina Boutillier) both buried in Lancaster, Ma.

              4. Arthur Nichols (Churubusco, NY to Yvonne Goodreau)

5. Arthur T. Nichols (Clinton, Ma. to Jeannette Smith   (Fitchburg)

                         6. Arthur T Nichols, Jr. (participant 35376)"