Patrilineage for Wälti Participant #44223 (Peter Wälti,



  1. Hans Moser from Rüderswil and Elsbeth Wüthrich ~ 11May1752 t 7Dec1831
  2. Hans Wälti from Rüderswil * 29Nov1775 t 5Jun1853, living first in Biglen, then in Jegenstorf (he was an illegitimate child of Hans Wälti and Elsbeth Wüthrich. It may be possible, that Hans Moser, her master was the father of Hans. But Elsbeth said that it was Hans Wälti, and she would like more to die or to emigrate over the see then to tell that this is not true. Hans Wälti first agreed, then he doubted and then he agreed again.
  3. Jakob Wälti from Rüderswil, blacksmith * 6Oct1816 t 20Mai1852, living in Jegenstorf, Niederscherli, Hofwil and latest at Rüderswil and Elisabeth Blaser from Lauperswil* 13Jul1816 t 20Mai1852
  4.  Friedrich Wälti from Rüderswil, chees salter * 23Mai1850 t 22Jul1933, living in Bärau and Elisabeth Siegenthaler * 24Oct1854 and 3 Jun1926
  5. Hans Wälti from Rüderswil, Baker * 3Nov1878 t 17Jun1949, living in Matten/Interlaken and Magdalena Streich from Innertkirchen *23Oct1880 t 30Jul1948
  6. Friedrich Wälti from Rüderswil Tailor * 27Sep1909 t 1Nov1985 living in Matten and Niederried and Bertha Amacher from Brienzwiler * 11March1910 t 15Dec1699
  7. Peter Wälti from Rüderswil, post officer, 29Nov1943, living in Niederried, Bern and Münsingen and Elisabeth Maurer from Rubigen * 6Jun1946


From Peter Wälti:

“My Y DNA is listed in the project under 44223 I1. As a progenitor I have registered: Ulrich Wälti, well authorized 1544 of Rüderswil. However, Ulrich Wälti can not be a progenitor of me.

I am a descendent of Hans Wälti (1775-1853) of Schwanden (Rüderswil). He was the first son of Elsbeth Wüthrich and her boss, Hans Moser of Schwanden in Rüderswil. I am part of the haplogroupe I1 ( see below). This is also the haplogroup  of Gary H. Musser, whose ancestors came from Biglen which is next of Schwanden (Rüderswil). Gary Musser and I we have a common ancestor within the last 19 generations; see: 44223 ydnapw and also the story “Hans Wälti (1775-1853) and his parents”.

Hans Wälti (1775-1853) had a half-brother named Christoff Wälti (1780-1833), son Hans Wälti of Rüderswil (1757 - 1799) and the same Elsbeth Wüthrich of Trub (1752-1834). A descendant of him, Hanspeter Wälti of Merzligen, whose place of citizenship is also Rüderswil, haso the Haplogruppe I2b1; see . The Y-DNA-details of Christoff’s descendants are identical as those of all the other Wälti’s who had their place of citizenship in Rüderswil and in the neighbor village Lauperswil.

This shows obviously that I cannot be descendant of Hans Wälti (1757-1799) from Schwanden (Rüderswil).  Due to the verdicts of the church court of Trub and the several Y-DNA-results it seams me clear, that the said Hans Wälti as also I myself due not depend from the Wälti clan of Rüderswil and Lauperswil but almost probably from the Moser clan of this region.

My request: I therefore ask you to change the details registered under 44223 I1 so that Hans Wälti (1775-1853) is a son of Elsbeth Wälti-Wüthrich and Hans Moser.

Moreover, I would like to join to the corresponding Moser or Musser project, as far as there is such a project.

Hans Wälti (1775-1853) and his parents

At least in the year 1775 "Elsbeth Wüterich, Michel's daughter in the Rüppi, parish of Biglen", was a maid of the master Hans Moser, living in Schwanden (Rüderswil). On August 13th, 1775 Elsbeth reported at her place of citizenship (center of this familyclan) that she was pregnant by Hans Wälti, son of Hans Wälti, sawmiller in Schwanden (Rüderswil) who also was an employee of Hans Moser in Schwanden.  Hans explained initially to marry her, however, only under the condition that Elsbeth immediately leaves the service of Hans Moser. Despite repeated requests of the church judges she she did not leave Hans Moser. So, at the beginning of October Hans changed his mind and he said that the child cannot be of him and that he wants neither the child nor Elsbeth. Because the choir judges Elsbeths also had doubts about Elsbeth’s statements, they assigned to the church court of Trub: We find the behaviour of Elisabeth Wüterich as strange and dirty. Therefore we engage you, to pick up her in Schwanden and to bring her to Trub.. We order you to question her seriously during their birth pains, so that the true father is brought to the day. Hans Wälti, however, decided to nevertheless marry Elsbeth Wüthrich. So Elsbeth Wüthrich’s child was baptized in Trub as a Johannes Wälti on November 11th, 1775.”