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Probable Welty ancestors:

14) Ulrich Walti, b. 1535, Rudersvil, Switzerland 

13) Ulrich Walti, b. 11-May-1573, Laupersville, Switzerland; m. Elsbeth Isell

12) Jacob Walti, b. 29-Dec-1600, Laupersville, Switzerland; m. Catharina Althaus

11) Peter Walti, b. 13-Dec-1640, Laupersville, Switzerland; m. Madleni Danner 

10) Hans Walti, b. 26-Oct-1666, Laupersville, Switzerland; m. V Geissbuhler

9) Christian Welty (Velty) b. 5-Aug-1688, Laupersville, Switzerland; d. 1749, Lancaster, PA; 

m. Catherine Hiett (or Heitt) (for #9 and above solely per information at

8) John Welty, b. abt 1743, Lancaster, PA; d. 1802, Washington, MD; m. Catherine?

The connection through Daniel is fairly solid using Henry Stauffer family history (a published work). Danielís wife was Catherine Stover (originally Stauffer). The connection to John is less solid as information on him is very limited, and the connection was made largely through the process of elimination and second hand research comments. 

7) Daniel Welty, b. 24-Sep 1766 (or 1776), Lancaster, PA; d.13-Jun-1842, Washington, MD;

m. Catherine Stover

6) Christian Welty, b. 1819, Maryland; m. Catherine Heitt (or possibly Hiett)

5) Martin Welty, b.1855, Buffalo, Ogle, Ill; d, 1892, Ipswich, South Dakota; m.Emma Hardenbergh

4) Ralph Raymond Welty, b.22-Apr-1876, Iowa; d.6-Aug-1918; m.Emma Hanefeld

3) Ralph Marcus Welty, b.2-Apr-1899, Doland South Dakota; d.5 Jan-1946, St. Paul, MN; m 

2) Ralph Raymond Welty, b. 14-Aug-1925, St. Paul, MN; d. 30-Jan-1998, Mpls, MN; m. Lois Pearson

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