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From: Dr. Dieter Welty [mailto:dr.welty@t-online.de]
Friday, March 26, 2010 7:34 AM
To: Hamman, Brian
Subject: Welty DNA

Hello Brian.
Yesterday I send back the kit sample to
USA. I think, we both are excited because of the result. Now I send you my patrilineage from Johannes Weltin till my person in form of the pictures from Breisgau (.JPG) and Jülich (PDF). I hope, you can read them. These pictures are also in my book. It was Franciscus Xaverius Weltin (1726-1774), who changed in 1746 his country (Breisgau to Jülich) and in Jülich also his name (Weltin-Welty). May be, that the reason for this changing was the membership in the army, then he arrived Jülich as an "Feldscherer". That is a barber in the army and in former times the barber must not only cut hairs, but he must also health broken bones and wounds.
Best wishes Dieter.