Patrilineage for Welty Participant #43635 (c/o Dennis Welty,



1.  Elza Welty was born October 23, 1913 in Clay County, Illinois to William J. and Laura D. Welty; he is still living (participant #43635).

2.  William J. Welty was born October 20, 1886 in Clay County, Illinois to Elza P. and Rebecca M. Welty; he died May 1, 1964 in Clay County, Illinois.

3.  Elza P. Welty was born in October 1853 in Sullivan County, Indiana to Peter H. and Elisabeth M. Welty; he died in 1913 in Clay County, Illinois.

4.  Peter H. Welty was born July 21, 1827 in Greene County, Tennessee to George and Millie Welty; he died December 16, 1876 in Clay County, Indiana.

5.  George Welty was born October 4, 1797 in Shenandoah County, Virginia to John and Margaret Welty; he died April 6, 1883 in Sullivan County, Indiana.

6.  John Welty was born about 1744 in Germany to unknown parents; he enlisted in the Continental Army in November 1778 in Baltimore County Maryland and married Margaret Ilgenfritz on Aug. 19, 1783 @ First Trinity Reformed Church in York Twp., York County, Pennsylvania; he died about 1838 in Greene County, Tennessee.


1. Information is primarily from census records, gravestones, published records and conversations with Elza Welty; the middle initials are different on some census records and dates of birth sometimes differ by several years; information above is believed to be accurate.

2. Elza Welty is the correct spelling for the person submitting the DNA sample; the name submitted was incorectly listed as Elva Welty. Elza P. Welty also appears in records as Elgy and Elija P. Welty.

3. Clay County, Indiana is the correct place of death for Peter H. Welty; it is adjacent to Sullivan County, Indiana.

Since the information above is from public records I see no reason why it could not be published on the DNA website or passed on to others; earlier conversations with Elza Welty did not indicate any concern on his part about release of this information.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please let me know.


Dennis Welty