Patrilineage for Welty Participant #90601 (Bill and Darleen Welty, )


1) Jacob Welty. b. ~1759 (Germany?); d. 1834 in Washington Co., MD

2) Henry Welty. b. ~1787, PA (which county?); d. 1853, Liberty Twp., Adams Co., PA; m. Mary Zimmerman (1788-1862)

3) Henry Welty. b. 1817, Adams Co., PA; d. bet 1880-1900, prob. Knox Co., IL; m. Lydia Eiker

4) Henry Welty. b. Sep. 1845, Adams Co., PA; d. 1929, Walnut, Crawford Co., Kansas

5) William M. Welty. b. Mar. 1871, Knoxville, Knox Co., IL; d. 1961, Walnut, Crawford Co., Kansas

6) Dorsie Welty.

7) Bill Welty (#90601)




Family records, cemetery records, US Census Records, and the following biography:

The Henry Welty born in 1787 is listed in the 1850 Census for Liberty Twp., Adams Co., PA, as Henry Weldy, living with wife Mary and son John. Hes also there in 1830 and 1840 Census records, but not 1820 when he is likely living with his father Jacob Welty in Wash. Co., MD (Election District 2; close to Williamsport). Jacob Welty is in Washington County in the 1790 Census.